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Reflections ~ Dressage Horse and Rider

Reflections by Michelle Istanish

For the past few days, I have spent some time reflecting on my past riding and horses. It is possible that my new travel adventures will include horses in some way. I was inspired to create the design above.



Moon Dreams ~ Forever Enchanted…

I love taking two to three walks everyday.  One of my favorite things about my late night walk is the moon.  It makes everything enchanting, especially when dancing with the silhouettes of the trees…

Forever Enchanted…  Moon Dreams

 by Michelle Istanish – just a girl who loves the moon


Love Always…

Love Always
and Forever be

~Michelle Istanish

at peace… Full Moon and Orca Whale

New design for the Pisces Full Moon.

I Earn Money on

I Love Zazzle
I have a few online business and is one my favorites.  I’m both a designer and affiliate.  Anyone can become a designer and as an affiliate you can just sell already designed products, including these Officially Licensed Brands.

As a designer, I create unique invitations, gifts, keepsakes and a whole bunch of other products.  The following are my stores; Lovin’ Life, The Beach Bum, The Cutie Collection, The Silhouette Collection, Mountain Madness and The Cool Cat.

There are many who create their own art.  However, I obtain most of my images from commercial use graphic designers, my personal photographs and free commercial use image sites.  So, in other words, I mainly take already made images, add text and arrange them in unique ways.  For example, I like to make odd things in love with each other, like sharks…


and candy corns…


and I endlessly torture this cute but bewildered fox…


If you’re interested in Zazzle and would like additional information, check out these help pages and the forum.  Also, feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below.