Hi, I’m Michelle.  I’m first and foremost just a very happy girl who likes to have a good time.  I was born and raised in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I love horses and chess, have a degree in Electrical Engineering, worked for Lockheed Martin, have had many online businesses and I’m a mom.  I’ve moved around a little and hope to continue my travels and adventures, both near and far.

I created this site to document these adventures and my random thoughts.  So far, I’ve lived in Pittsburgh; a few places in the suburbs of Philadelphia; had a horse farm in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, at around 8,500 ft.; Waldorf, Maryland; back to the mountain horse farm; then Boulder, Colorado; attempted a move to Utila, a Bay Island of Honduras and Antigua, Guatemala. I currently find myself, once again, living in a suburb of Pittsburgh.  At this time, I’m not interested in having a permanent residence.  There are too many things to see and experience.  I’m exploring long term stays around the world, that should be measured in months.  I have no idea where I’m going, or how I’m getting there but I’m working out those details and I’m beyond excited for this next chapter of my life.   ~Michelle