Love Always…

Love Always
and Forever be

~Michelle Istanish


Love and Nature ~ The Greatest Gifts

Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster
Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster 

Love and Nature are The Greatest Gifts of All
Leaving Me Breathless and Making My Heart Race…

~Michelle Istanish


A Ray of Gold ~ Dreams of Love Poem

A Ray of Gold

A tangled past
A twist of fate
In my dreams
I see your face

A whispered word
A warm embrace
In my dreams
The truth takes place

A ray of gold
A streak of sorrow
Dreams fade to day
Truth fades tomorrow

~Michelle Istanish


Living a Dream…

Living a Dream of Love and Laughter
Living a Life of Happily Ever After…

~Michelle Istanish

The Full Moon ~ My True and Faithful Friend

as day turns into night,
you burn so beautiful and bright;
as I gaze into your familiar glow,
I am filled with the love you selflessly sow;

once again, you cleanse my soul,
leaving me peaceful and feeling whole;
our time together passes by so quickly,
but in my thoughts you are always with me;

while goodbye is drawing near,
in my heart I hold you dear;
for now, it is until we meet again,
the full moon, my true and faithful friend.

by Michelle Istanish ~ just a girl who loves the moon