Author: Michelle Istanish

A Harvest Full Moon – The Reaper’s Delight


~Michelle Istanish


A Narrow Path ~ Poem

A narrow path
I walk alone

In my heart
I make my home

A well worn past
The future bright

A new adventure
A pure delight

Garden Path, Photo and Poem by Michelle Istanish
This is a photograph of a garden path that I created during my high school and college years…


Moon Dreams ~ Forever Enchanted…

I love taking two to three walks everyday.  One of my favorite things about my late night walk is the moon.  It makes everything enchanting, especially when dancing with the silhouettes of the trees…

Forever Enchanted…  Moon Dreams

 by Michelle Istanish – just a girl who loves the moon


Love Always…

Love Always
and Forever be

~Michelle Istanish

Love and Nature ~ The Greatest Gifts

Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster
Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster 

Love and Nature are The Greatest Gifts of All
Leaving Me Breathless and Making My Heart Race…

~Michelle Istanish


Life is Too Short ~ Poem


Life is too short
To live in the past

A day, a year
It slips by so fast

Goodbye to good people
Goodbye to the past

Off to a new adventure
In case it’s my last

~Michelle Istanish

Enjoying the Late Summer Garden ~ Forest Hills, PA

The Garden Path

The Garden Path ~ Michelle Istanish

During high school and college I took an interest in gardening and transformed my mother’s yard into a garden filled with trees, shrubbery and flowers.  Since that time, I have moved around a lot but when visiting, as I am now, I spend time fixing problem areas, performing routine maintenance and enjoying the scenery.  So before summer fades to fall, here are a few late summer garden pictures…

Summer Sedum

Late Summer Sedum by Michelle Istanish

The Garden Terrace

The Garden Terrace ~ Michelle Istanish

The Trees

The Trees by Michelle Istanish

Pink Hydrangea Blooms

Late Summer Pink Hydrangea Blooms ~ Michelle Istanish

Stepping Stone Being Loved by Nature

Nature Loving Stepping Stone ~ Michelle Istanish

Next Years Bloom

Next Years Bloom by Michelle Istanish


A Ray of Gold ~ Dreams of Love Poem

A Ray of Gold

A tangled past
A twist of fate
In my dreams
I see your face

A whispered word
A warm embrace
In my dreams
The truth takes place

A ray of gold
A streak of sorrow
Dreams fade to day
Truth fades tomorrow

~Michelle Istanish


at peace… Full Moon and Orca Whale

New design for the Pisces Full Moon.

Haunting Cries ~ Poem

Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster
Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster

Haunting cries
Weave through the dark

A distant train
Tugs at the heart

An aching soul
Begins to bloom

A flash of light
Cuts through the gloom

An awakened mind
The sound of thunder

One day in time
A life of wonder

~Michelle Istanish