Reflections ~ Dressage Horse and Rider

Reflections by Michelle Istanish

For the past few days, I have spent some time reflecting on my past riding and horses. It is possible that my new travel adventures will include horses in some way. I was inspired to create the design above.



A Narrow Path ~ Poem

A narrow path
I walk alone

In my heart
I make my home

A well worn past
The future bright

A new adventure
A pure delight

Garden Path, Photo and Poem by Michelle Istanish
This is a photograph of a garden path that I created during my high school and college years…


Love Always…

Love Always
and Forever be

~Michelle Istanish

Love and Nature ~ The Greatest Gifts

Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster
Love and Nature The Greatest Gifts ~ Horse Poster 

Love and Nature are The Greatest Gifts of All
Leaving Me Breathless and Making My Heart Race…

~Michelle Istanish


Life is Too Short ~ Poem


Life is too short
To live in the past

A day, a year
It slips by so fast

Goodbye to good people
Goodbye to the past

Off to a new adventure
In case it’s my last

~Michelle Istanish

Haunting Cries ~ Poem

Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster
Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster

Haunting cries
Weave through the dark

A distant train
Tugs at the heart

An aching soul
Begins to bloom

A flash of light
Cuts through the gloom

An awakened mind
The sound of thunder

One day in time
A life of wonder

~Michelle Istanish

New Beginnings Mark an End ~ Poem


The time has come
To start again

New beginnings
Mark an end

A past that grows
The future waits

It’s the hear and now
That makes life great

~Michelle Istanish