at peace… Full Moon and Orca Whale

New design for the Pisces Full Moon.


Haunting Cries ~ Poem

Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster
Haunting Cries ~ A Life of Wonder Poem Poster

Haunting cries
Weave through the dark

A distant train
Tugs at the heart

An aching soul
Begins to bloom

A flash of light
Cuts through the gloom

An awakened mind
The sound of thunder

One day in time
A life of wonder

~Michelle Istanish

New Beginnings Mark an End ~ Poem


The time has come
To start again

New beginnings
Mark an end

A past that grows
The future waits

It’s the hear and now
That makes life great

~Michelle Istanish


Glass Art by Jason Gamrath at Phipps Conservatory ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Phipps Conservatory ~ Glass Art by Jason Gamrath ~ Photo by Michelle Istanish

Whenever I’m living in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area I visit Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, at least once every season.  This has been my tradition since attending the University of Pittsburgh, beginning in 1993.

This summer, in addition to all the amazing greenery, flowers and butterflies, Phipps presented SUPER. NATURAL. Glass Art by Jason Gamrath.  In the past, there have been other glass exhibits at Phipps and some of these pieces are still on display.  The glass art by Dale Chahuly can be seen in the image below…

Phipps Conservatory and Dale Chahuly Glass Art
Phipps Conservatory ~ Glass Art by Dale Chahuly ~ Photo by Michelle Istanish

While I enjoyed the Dale Chahuly exhibit, The Jason Gamrath Glass Flower experience is currently my favorite.  His glass pieces are brilliant and larger than life.  It was an absolutely tripping flowers experience for sure…

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Phipps Conservatory ~ Jason Gamrath Glass Art

Of course, there were all the usual amazing displays as well…

Summer 2017 at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Summer 2017 ~ Phipps Conservatory Pittsburgh

Summer 2017 at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Summer 2017 at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


Living a Dream…

Living a Dream of Love and Laughter
Living a Life of Happily Ever After…

~Michelle Istanish

Love Always…

Love Always Enchanted Moon, Lights, Tree and Deer Poster
Love Always Enchanted Moon, Lights, Tree and Deer Poster

Love Always
and Forever be

~Michelle Istanish

Magical Full Moon Music

Magical Full Moon Music

I have had many Full Moon adventures; riding my horse through the forest, enchanting walks, visiting cemeteries and other various activities.  No matter what I do to celebrate the Full Moon, at some point there is always music.  Since discovering Peter Gundry, my Full Moon celebrations have been filled with his enchanting compositions.  The following is my current Magical Full Moon Music playlist.

Amunet, his latest creation, has become my current music obsession


This heady Celtic arrangement will always be a Full Moon favorite…


Invocation | The Witch’s Breath is another must have…

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

The Sailor

My daughter both graduated high school and joined the United States Navy last month, June 2017.  One of our many celebrations of these momentous events was attending the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) “In Honor of Service” concert at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.  It was a fabulous event, in a magnificent location and PSO was outstanding.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has been in existence since 1896.  It has rich history full of recognition and awards for their performances, both in Pittsburgh and abroad.

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum has been honoring veterans since 1910.  It, currently, is the only military memorial dedicated to honoring all branches of the services, from all generations and conflicts since the Civil War through today.   There also is the stately 2300 seat concert auditorium where we enjoyed the PSO.

We ended the evening adventuring about the city of Pittsburgh eating, some of us drinking and all being merry…

The Best Work Around the World Site

The Best Work Around the World Site

I’m in love with the site.  It’s a work, volunteer and cultural exchange site for both volunteers and hosts.  I’ve spent hours, for the past few days, reading about amazing working opportunities and reviews from both volunteers and hosts.  This site is going to my make plan of working and traveling around the world possible, exciting and so enjoyable.

My desire is to experience the locations that I’m visiting.  I don’t want to travel as if on vacation and Workaway is just what I needed.  I found olive harvesting in Italy, conservation projects around the world, gardening projects in unique settings, Bed and Breakfasts everywhere, hostels on beautiful beaches, horse farms in the most amazing locations and so much more.  These are the experiences that I was looking for and they include room and board.

I’m continuing to look for the best starting location and experience combination.  I have set a start my traveling date of no later than January 2018.  Until then I will be enjoying the experiences that my current location has to offer, ramping up my online businesses, continuing to improve my financial situation and completing all of my pre-travel preparations.  It’s going to be a busy and exciting second half of 2017.


Thank You for Your Kindness


My inspiration for this thank you card design came from all of the people who have helped me during very difficult times in my life.  Sometimes my daily adventures take a bit of a wild, extreme turn.  Often this results in very exiting and fun times.  Then there are the times when they disintegrate into less than desirable situations.  No matter how bad my situation, there has always been a least one person who has helped me.

These people are family, friends and, many times, complete strangers.  When I reflect back on those moments in my life, I don’t think of the trauma or horror but of these people.  People who were kind enough to take time out of their day to save me from mine.  People who held my hand, distracted me with simple conversation, were kind, rescued me, spent hours and days by my hospital bed side.  I will never forget these people.  To all of those who have helped me, Thank You.  Thank you for your kindness.  It touched my heart and fed my soul.