When Life Gives You Limbo, Enjoy It!

My Current Live Status

My current life status is officially…  LIMBO.  I love being in limbo.  It’s like I’m neither here nor there.  I’m not this or that.  It’s a time of great freedom.

Those around me have different reactions to my enjoyment of limbo.  Some feel excited for the possibilities this could bring, while others cringe and hope it doesn’t last for long.  I, myself feel that it never lasts long enough.

It’s often the case that as soon as limbo is in full swing, it ends.  Maybe the end is a punishment of sorts, for enjoying it too much.  Whatever the reason, I’ll still be a very happy girl, as I’ll be starting my new life plan or something even better.

Do you enjoy times of limbo?


I want to be an Independent Traveler

Independent Traveler

I want to travel on my own but NOT as the anti-social traveler.  I want to meet new people and have amazing experiences with others.  However, I want to remain independent.  I want freedom and I’m very excited about obtaining it.

Living the American Dream, owning homes and cars, having a high paying job and other obligations, has made me feel like what I assume a wild animal feels in captivity.  It’s not the life for me.  In the past, I have always traveled with at least one other person but my desire to be on my own is very strong.  I love being by myself, enjoying my own company.  So, during times that I am alone, I’m never lonely.

I have found others that travel solo and they are my inspiration.  It all started when National Geographic shared a video about David Welsford….

After watching this video all I could think about was traveling on my own.  I just didn’t know how to make it happen.  I searched and eventually found many people who travel alone and provide detailed information on how to make this dream a reality.  So far, my favorites are Nomadic Matt and A Little Adrift.  I’m following their advice and preparing to be an Independent Traveler.  I’m in the planing process, months away from my departure but I’m going to make this happen.  Stay tuned…


I Earn Money on Zazzle.com

I Love Zazzle
I have a few online business and Zazzle.com is one my favorites.  I’m both a designer and affiliate.  Anyone can become a designer and as an affiliate you can just sell already designed products, including these Officially Licensed Brands.

As a designer, I create unique invitations, gifts, keepsakes and a whole bunch of other products.  The following are my stores; Lovin’ Life, The Beach Bum, The Cutie Collection, The Silhouette Collection, Mountain Madness and The Cool Cat.

There are many who create their own art.  However, I obtain most of my images from commercial use graphic designers, my personal photographs and free commercial use image sites.  So, in other words, I mainly take already made images, add text and arrange them in unique ways.  For example, I like to make odd things in love with each other, like sharks…


and candy corns…


and I endlessly torture this cute but bewildered fox…


If you’re interested in Zazzle and would like additional information, check out these help pages and the forum.  Also, feel free to leave any questions in the comment section below.


If you were music…

If you were music...

If you were music, what would you sound like?  I love music and enjoy a wide variety, from Classic Rock to Classical, specifically of the Baroque period.  I think music can tell volumes about a person.

For me, what I sound like describes my current feelings.  Maybe it even captures my soul allowing others to hear and possibly better understand, like or even dislike me.  When I love a piece of music, song or album I listen to it ad nauseam, where ad nauseam could be defined as hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months.  I listen until I don’t feel it anymore, because what I sound like has changed.

While looking for places to travel, I have been listening to the music that describes these locations.  One location that I’m very interested in is Morocco.  I love so many things about Morocco, including what it sounds like.   The following is a collection that I have become addicted to.  If I were music, this is currently what I would sound like…


If you were music, what would you sound like?


My Bucket List (Item) is Complete

My Bucket List(Item) is CompleteI recently read a blog post by Nomadic Matt about getting rid of his bucket list and felt a small sense of relief that I don’t have one.  I mean, I did have one, sort of.  It was a list of one item.  So, I guess what I really had was a Bucket Item and I completed it two years ago.

His reasoning for getting rid of his bucket list went something along the lines of, he never followed it, didn’t care and therefore it wasn’t a list of items he was dying to accomplish before dying.  Then I wondered, was mine really ever a Bucket Item?

I wanted to see clear, tropical waters before I kicked the bucket.  I have been close to death a few times and while lying in intensive care, the thought of not completing this item actually never crossed my mind.  What I was thinking was, how to get myself better and out of this place as soon as possible.

If you remove the trendiness of the “Bucket List”, the Bucket List Syndrome seems to be a thing that happens to one when the end is drawing near and regrets all of the things one never did but wanted to do.  Maybe this regret is because they only did the things that society dictated appropriate and allowable.  I don’t really know because I don’t have that problem, although I know a few people that wish I did. 🙂

I have always lived my life to the fullest within my circumstances.  I want to travel but if I died tomorrow, I would have no regrets and nothing that I feel I missed out on.  I have had the most amazing life.  My life situation is such that I now have freedom to travel, an opportunity I’m most definitely going to take.  I will not be creating a new Bucket Item or list but I will be continuing on living a happy life, without regrets.


The Full Moon ~ My True and Faithful Friend

as day turns into night,
you burn so beautiful and bright;
as I gaze into your familiar glow,
I am filled with the love you selflessly sow;

once again, you cleanse my soul,
leaving me peaceful and feeling whole;
our time together passes by so quickly,
but in my thoughts you are always with me;

while goodbye is drawing near,
in my heart I hold you dear;
for now, it is until we meet again,
the full moon, my true and faithful friend.

by Michelle Istanish ~ just a girl who loves the moon

Two Years Ago Today 06/06/2017

First Night in La Ceiba

My Hotel in La Ceiba

Two years ago today, I arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras.  I was on my way to the Bay Island, Utila.  I had planned to move there but only ended up staying for a month.  Then I was off to Antigua, Guatemala.  Due to reasons beyond my control, I have very few pictures but many amazing memories.

The first night in Honduras I stayed in a hotel only minutes outside of the ferry gate.  Not sure of the name and I haven’t been able to find any information about it.  However, it was close, cheap and dirty, with water dripping thick red goop from the pipe that was to provide the water for your shower.  I drank water from a plastic bag pouch and all of the local people were so friendly and very helpful.  This is what I had been hoping to experience and I loved every minute of it.

The next day, I made it to Utila and found a place to eat…

I rented a place for a month.  While there, I enjoyed blue water and eating amazing meals, met wonderful people, almost relaxed to death, survived Dengue Fever and a few other things that are best left in the past.

Relaxed to Death Utila Honduras Postcard

I decided that I wanted to see more of the world and a neighbor, who helped me survive my stay on Utila, suggested a visit to Antigua, Guatemala.  So, I began planning and was soon off on a new adventure.

barely survived Utila Honduras Skull Dive Postcard

Even though I had moved many times in the states, traveling to Utila was like a first love.  It was an amazing adventure that I will never forget and now, after a taste, I want traveling to be a way of life.